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I'm a Mixed Media Artist


I've been into arts and crafts my whole life and since 2005 I slowly started to push my creativity to make this " My Way of Living".


I am a full time artist. Every day, I work in my studio designing and learning new things and I'm happy to say I love dedicating all of my time to art. I love textures, stencils, paint and everything related to color which is what inspires and motivates me the most to create. I like trying new techniques and because of this, I recently started taking bookbinding classes.

   Talking about style, mine is very eclectic, playful and sometimes a bit quirky. 

I live in Chile and because I have two daughters living abroad, I travel a lot especially now that I have two beautiful grandkids.

I've been published

Proudly  Past Member of Lyndy's Gang

Proudly  Past Member of Jessica Sporn Designs

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