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Mixed Media Heart

I was given a 3D fiberglass heart and asked to do "something" with it for an auction with many well known Chilean artists. I really freaked out and didn't know what to do with it. After a few days thinking, I decided to do something in Finn's style.

It was one of the firsts to be sold and I felt such a relief!

It took almost a month to make it because of the drying times and because some days I just couldn't figure out what else to add. I covered it completely in textured paper and between each layer I painted it with black gesso. Not easy on the sides because of it roundness so I used lots of lace.

For the focal point I used a broken spoon, lots of fiber, wire, pearls and beads. To color the heart I used my favorite, Lindy's Stamp Gang's mists.

The base was covered with silver leaves.

Here are some photos of the process.

The finished piece. (It has way more contrast between the left side and the right one but I couldn't take a better photo before it was gone)

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